Example Applications

Limitless Possibilities for High-Performance Applications

The future of materials is in high performance! In nearly all of today's industrial settings, there is high demand for powder or granulate with properties that have been adapted to meet customer specifications. With APPtec®, our new powder manufacturing technology, customized products offering tremendous economic potential can be created for countless applications or even developed for entirely new fields. Regardless of whether physical properties such as particle structure, composition, surface texture, bulk density, solubility, compactibility, or dosability are the main focus, or if additional functions such as a controlled release are desired – almost anything is possible with APPtec® and, on request, with downstream processes from the Glatt technology portfolio. The revolutionary technique can be implemented in all industrial sectors in which innovative particle systems are required for high-performance applications – for catalytic and ceramic materials, pigments, or food additives, for example. The innovative powder technology offers tailor-made solutions for various industrial applications.

Discover a number of example applications below:


Future Materials for Catalysts With Exceptional Activity

Catalysis is a key term in the chemical industry. The possibilities for use are almost limitless, as catalysts always function selectively and according to their specific application. It is for precisely this reason that it is such a great challenge to develop catalyst particles suitable for their intended application and, in particular, to get them ready for market quickly while also ensuring that quality is consistent. Until catalysts are implemented on an industrial scale, the techniques used up to now still require long development times. APPtec® is opening completely new avenues in this regard: The innovative spray calcination technique enables the powder manufacturing process for catalytic materials to be defined quickly and with specific aims and applications in mind for the very first time.

In a single process step, the chemical composition and size, as well as particle structure and surface, can be precisely configured. This allows the activity of the catalytic materials to be precisely configured by defining the surface properties based on the specific application, for example. Right from the start, how the material is to be used determines the approach taken, so as to achieve the activities of the catalytic powder material required for the application in question in the shortest-possible development time.

The unique thermodynamic conditions in the pulsating hot gas flow enable particular states of reaction to be achieved in a matter of seconds – leading to exceptional properties and allowing, for example, catalytic activity to be increased many times over. This is made possible thanks to pulsation, as the heat transfer from the gas to the particle is between five and ten times higher compared to a continuous flow. These special thermodynamic conditions can be harnessed in such a way that materials with amorphous structures and high lattice defects are formed. This in turn significantly increases their catalytic activity. Furthermore, APPtec® makes it possible to define the gas atmosphere as oxidizing or oxygen-free – an additional key parameter for the targeted synthesis of the required catalytic materials.

The homogeneity of the product is particularly important for catalytic development:
APPtec® enables the use of raw material solutions, which already contain all the components of the required material in an ideal mixture. This chemical homogeneity of the raw materials combined with identical, thermal treatment, guarantees outstanding quality.

The technique also enables the smallest of particles to be coated as well as core-shell particles and supported catalyst systems to be produced. Depending on the technique used, the coating is also extremely homogeneous and the coat thickness can be configured in wide ranges.

Our efficient solution for your customized catalytic powder.


Innovative Potential for Manufacturing High-Performance Ceramics

Ceramic materials can be used in countless application fields and are replacing an ever-increasing number of other materials thanks to their unique performance. Today, even batteries, LEDs, and coating systems are based on ceramic powder materials. Even in the capital goods industry, high-performance ceramics are on the rise:
Cutting materials for metal cutting, components for corrosion prevention, cathode material for fuel cells, and countless applications in the field of electronics as well as in environmental technology, provide just a few examples. The range of applications, faced with more and more new challenges in terms of operating performance, demand increasingly complex material systems. Even with doping, an increasing number of new features can be achieved. APPtec® is the high-tech solution to meet the growing demands being placed on the manufacturing process for ceramic high-performance powders. The spray calcination technique enables highly complex powder systems of outstanding quality to be developed and manufactured for an extremely wide range of applications.

For an exact configuration of the chemical composition, raw material solutions offering virtually unlimited combination options should be used as starting materials. For this, APPtec® enables an ideal, homogeneous distribution of the particle elements. The required stoichiometry can be perfectly configured even for highly complex systems. An ideal distribution of the different doping elements for all powder particles is also guaranteed. What's more, the mineralogical as well as the chemical composition can be precisely defined. For instance, mixed oxides such as spinel, perovskite, or titanate can be created.

Our innovative solution for the high-performance applications of your ceramic powder materials.


Effect and Special Pigments for Entirely New Applications

The market for pigments is expanding worldwide and is conquering more and more new industries and applications. Today, those wishing to stand out from the mass market are finding plentiful options for niche products. As well as effect pigments for enhanced color intensity and variety, or shine and shimmer effects, special pigments with innovative additional properties are on the rise – whether this be UV protection, light effects, a self-cleaning, antimicrobial effect, reflected infrared light, or isolating or thermally conductive properties, to name but a few examples.

APPtec® offers countless possibilities for the development of high-performance pigments with highly customized functions. The innovative spray calcination technique enables not only the particle size, morphology, and surface texture to be defined, but also allows particles with exceptional photocatalytic activities to be created.

Since homogeneous mixtures of raw materials can be used as starting materials for powder synthesis, different components can also be combined to form complex structures with an exactly identical target phase by configuring the process parameters precisely. The technique also allows particularly fine pigments with defined properties on a nanometer scale to be created.

As a result, pigments can be designed not only to have special color effects, but also to be provided with functions. For example, sensitive pigments with a protective coating can be provided in order to ensure that they retain their effect on a lasting basis. Core-shell particles or functionalizations of this kind can also be designed to be compatible with the application matrix, which allows them to be more easily integrated into the final application.

Manufacturers looking to bring innovative pigments to the market are always in safe hands with APPtec®, as it enables functionalized powders, complex mixed oxides, or doped materials to be produced in a cost-efficient process and even in small batches to suit their particular needs.

Our tailor-made solution for the pigments of your tomorrow.