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Pioneering Process for Groundbreaking Particle Synthesis

Future materials such as high-energy and safe battery components, more economical membranes, orthopaedic ceramics, functional additives or high-performance pigments must provide more than the current properties of existing material components. A common issue within each of these applications is the high levels of powder performance that are required. Therefore, completely new products or novel innovations require powder materials that must first be developed and then manufactured in the necessary quantities. With APPtec®, plant manufacturer Glatt/DE has succeeded in overcoming these challenges and established a mature continuous process technology to produce future materials at both laboratory scale for research purposes and at industrial levels. Time-consuming and risky scale-up procedures are eliminated because of the size-independent conditions – fluid mechanic and thermodynamic – that exist from lab to commercial-scale production. With APPtec®, primary particles can be provided with an almost freely adjustable chemical and mineralogical composition and previously unattained properties.

» cfi – ceramic forum international, issue 4-5/2019, pages 28–33 (Göller Verlag GmbH )

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Glatt_FA_048_From hot gas stream to matt finish_ECJ_2018-11

From hot gas stream to matt finish

Thanks to a novel method of spray calcination, test-ready additives for rapid market entry can be ready in just a few weeks. By Lars Leidolph, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, and Andreas Kröger, Pigmentsolution.

Whether it’s rapid prototyping, customisation or personalisation, paint manufacturers can usually only dream of what has long been a reality in other industries. Their ideas are thwarted by minimum purchase quantities, a lack of know-how, expensive machinery
» European Coatings Journal, issue 11/2018 pages 30–36 
(Vincentz Network GmbH & Co. KG)

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Particle synthesis in pulsed hot gas stream

Powders tailored to customers’ needs
Apptec is a powder technology developed by Glatt Ingenieurtechnik that allows powder composition and particle design to be adjusted to meet a customer’s specific application needs. By synthesising the powder in a pulsed hot gas stream, product structures can now be generated that were not accessible with conventional techniques.
» cpp – chemical plants processing, issue 01/2016 page 12–13 (Konradin Verlag Robert Kohlhammer GmbH)

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