APPtec® – Advanced Pulse Powder technology by Glatt

The Innovative Solution for Your Next Generation of Powder Materials

Requirements regarding product functionality and service life are increasing across the globe and are presenting nearly all sectors with new challenges when it comes to material development, including powder manufacturing. Our fitting response to these circumstances goes by the name of APPtec®. The revolutionary technology for powder synthesis uses high-temperature processes to enable entirely new powder types to be designed with particular aims in mind and precisely tailored properties. APPtec® is the innovative solution from Glatt to meet increasing demands on the handling, functionality, and complexity of your materials. Discover what we can bring to your primary particle design – and if you wish, you can even profit from Glatt's downstream services with complete solutions along the entire process chain.

Benefit from the advantages of our technological expertise for your innovative particle design!

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Application-Specific High-Tech Materials With Unparalleled Performance

Nowadays, practically all industries are in need of new materials. Although major powder manufacturers continually innovate their products, they follow the trend of standardization in order to improve their margins. As a result, the available range remains focused on a narrow spectrum of standard materials. APPtec® enables application-specific solutions for powder materials with unparalleled performance: With our groundbreaking powder technology, innovative particle systems for high-performance applications can be purposely developed, functionalized, and transferred to ready-to-use processing forms. Through an exact and customer-specific configuration of material properties, you can develop particles with property combinations which were impossible until now. You will receive functional powder materials adapted to your requirements, with unique features allowing you to set yourself apart from the standard range of key market players.

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Cost-Efficient Processing for Material Developments That Make Financial Sense

APPtec® allows several process phases to be combined, such as drying and calcination or particle formation and coating. As a result, a vast array of properties can be configured for the desired performance of the end product – in a single process step, saving time and money. Our technology for maximum cost-effectiveness.

The new powder technology is opening up tremendous potential for the development and manufacture of low-cost, functional powder materials through application-specific functionalization. This allows demand-oriented material alternatives for high-priced raw materials, such as rare earth and precious metals to be developed. In some application fields, such as in relation to catalysts, it will soon even be possible to create alternative mixed oxides with similar or higher activity. Our promise for economical, future-focused solutions.

The powder manufacturing process is scalable to suit each customer and can be transferred directly to technical production without a long scale-up process.

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Innovative Powder Materials for Ready-to-Launch High-Performance Applications

With APPtec®, gain a reliable and sustainable source of supply for your future materials – designed with the customer in mind. The innovative technology for powder manufacturing makes efficient processes possible – from the idea through to launch on the market. The tailor-made scalability of processes with APPtec® allows you not only to cost-effectively manufacture your innovations on an industrial scale, but also to quickly launch them on the market. As soon as the product has been developed successfully, we are on hand to lend you our contract manufacturing services for the production stage – meaning that you are ready to start supplying straight away.

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Tapping Into New Market Applications

In today's world, innovative materials are required in all industrial sectors. With APPtec®, discover unlimited possibilities for future materials with novel functions or improved properties. The innovative technology opens up a whole host of market opportunities for tapping into completely new applications in particle technology.

Our solution for innovative niche products and new market growth areas.


From Powder Synthesis to High-Performance Granulate

Experts with over 60 years' experience in granulation, coating, and pelletizing, Glatt is the current market leader in life-science plant engineering. With its unique portfolio, the company offers products and extensive services across the entire process chain, including process development for new products and formulations, process technology, and planing, right up to the construction of the plant itself to manufacture your product. The focus of the area of expertise for Glatt Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals is on powder synthesis and fluidizedor spouted bed processing for development and manufacturing, as well as the optimization and functionalization of powders and bulk materials, such as granulate and pellets. We offer you the right technology and related expertise for every process step from powder synthesis to usable suspension or high-performance granulate – starting at the product development stage and going right the way up to industrial manufacturing on in-house production systems or as a contract manufacturing project if you wish. Our integrated solutions for your processes. Discover more about our entire product range here.

APPtec - Particle Design
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