Innovative Particle Design with APPtec®

Limitless Potential for Your High-Performance Materials

The exceptional thermodynamic conditions of APPtec® offer limitless potential for the development of entirely new types of powder, which can be tailor-made for high-performance applications. Benefit from our expertise in powder manufacturing for the precise design of material structures, even those with complex stoichiometries. With the possibilities offered by APPtec®, you can control the properties of functional powder materials exactly as you require – through targeted configuration, control, or amendment of the particle structure, composition, size, or surface properties. Doped and complex stoichiometric materials can be manufactured in the same way as coated particles. This precise configuration of a whole host of configuration parameters enables particles to be designed with combinations of properties that have never been seen before.

Discover the potential of additional functions or improved properties with APPtec® powder synthesis!


Chemical and Mineralogical Composition Configured with Almost Complete Freedom

The chemical composition of the materials can largely be freely configured. When using raw material solutions, doped (or undoped) or highly complex oxides are possible. To do this, the solution or suspension is injected into the gas flow in droplet form, with the droplets having exactly the same chemical composition as the target phase. These very drops are used to form the solid particles with the same chemical identity. This level of homogeneity is essential when it comes to ensuring outstanding application performance. The type of thermal treatment is ultimately determined by the mineralogical target phase that arises. With APPtec®, the frequency, amplitude, process temperature, and flow speed of the pulsating gas flow can be freely adjusted – and with an extremely short retention time. Accordingly, the mineralogical composition can be influenced entirely as desired. This allows materials which tend to crystallize in conventional techniques to be prepared with amorphous structures in order to increase their catalytic activity specific to the application, for example. This ability to influence reactions in specific ways also enables you to produce pigments with highly complex stoichiometries – something it would not be possible to achieve with more commonly used techniques.

Our solution for your application-specific materials.


Flexibly Adjustable Phase Composition

The many adjustable APPtec® process parameters enable targeted control of the phase composition. Particles from high-temperature phases, such as corundum or even mixed oxides such as spinel or mullite, for example, can also be produced.

Our solution for tailored particle design.


Targeted Surface Functionalization

APPtec® enables targeted configuration of the functionality and surfaces of particles for a wide range of applications. With the spray calcination technique, it is possible to coat particles and to create what are known as core-shell particles. The technique enables coat thickness, porosity, and activity to be individually defined. By coating a carrier material (such as Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2) with a catalytic ingredient, highly active powder materials for an extremely wide range of materials are obtained. Depending on the technique used, the coating is extremely homogeneous and the coat thickness can be configured in wide ranges specific to the application.

Our solution for cost-efficient, high-performance particles.


Precisely Defined Shape and Particle Structure

In addition to physical-chemical properties, many aspects of the particle structure have a significant influence on the performance of functional powder materials, such as their shape and size, particle size distribution, type and size of particle surface, as well as porosity, pore size, and pore distribution. By selecting the right process parameters, APPtec® allows all these properties to be adjusted to meet precise requirements. The revolutionary technique for powder manufacturing even allows nanoscale powders or spherical particle shapes to be created. It's your choice: micro or submicroparticles exactly as you require – including extremely fine nanoparticles with a very large surface area. Perhaps you would also like to achieve particularly high levels of reactivity by using application-specific, defined structure and crystal lattice properties? Or do you require a powder at the microscopic level with particularly good handling properties? Everything is possible.

Our solution for tailor-made particle manufacturing.