Glatt APPtec Powder Synthesis @ ICIM 2018

18.06. - 22.06.2018
Dresden, Germany

Glatt @ 15th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes:

The International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM) is held every second year all over the world in rotation. This series of conferences has been established as a global high-level event on inorganic membranes and innovations. To encourage and promote research for membrane science, technology and application, the 15th ICIM in Dresden will provide a unique platform for scientists and engineers to discuss these issues and share their insights from various perspectives.

Dr. rer. nat. Lars Leidolph, manager Advanced Powder Processing, Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH presents APPtec as a new method to produce innovate powder materials with unique functionalities for inorganic membranes and specialized ceramics.

Rising demands on functionality and durability of components and devices lead to new challenges in the development of materials. Utilizing high performance powders, produced with Glatt APPtec, enhance the applications´ functionality and increases performance to its maximum.
The new Advanced Pulse Powder Technology APPtec is a unique, continuous process to generate and modify powders. In the specially designed combustion chamber, the heart of the synthesis reactor, a pulsating stream of hot gas is created. In this particles are generated, treated and modified. The pulsating stream of hot gas can be adjusted in frequency, amplitude, temperature and flow-velocity. The reactor is constructed in a way that the gas stream pulsates within strictly controlled parameters.

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