28th ATC 2019: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry - Materials and Processes

Meet the Glatt Experts @ 28th ATC 2019: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry - Materials and Processes

21.02. - 22.02.2019
Frankfurt, Germany

Meet the Glatt Experts during the Poster Party, presented by Dr. Thomas Jähnert from Glatt Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals. Learn more about APPtec® – a new generation of spray pyrolysis technology to produce advanced materials.

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The worldwide increasing demands on the functionality and service life of components, devices and appliances leads to increasing challenges in material development across the entire value-added chain. Greater functionality and extraordinary performance can be realized with high-performance powders generated by the new generation of spray pyrolysis – the APPtec® .

APPtec® stands as synonym for Advanced Powder Process technology and allows controlling the product properties of new types of powders through specific settings, impacting or changing the particle structure, composition or surface properties. The thermodynamic conditions of our technology are excep­tional, the chemical composition of the produced particles can almost be freely selected; doped or complex stoichiometric materials and coated particles can be produced.

A pulsating stream of hot gas is the core of the technology. This pulsating hot gas brings turbulences into the reaction chamber, which increases heat transfer between gas stream and reactant by five to ten times compared to a conventional spray pyrolysis. Through this unique property all materials are treated equally fast and at the same temperature, which creates very homogeneous powders. Parameters such as amplitude, temperature and pulsation-frequency can be freely adjusted to tailor the products properties and functions to the customers’ wishes. The big advantage of the APPtec®  comes also from its ability to generate particles with amorphous morphologies and large specific surface areas.

Using this the APPtec® can produced highly functionalized materials under oxidizing, inert or reducing conditions or modify powder materials to fit them to specific applications.

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