Meet the Glatt Experts @ Batterietagung 2019

APPtec® - a new generation of spray pyrolysis to produce advanced powders for a new generation of battery materials

02.04. - 04.04.2019
Batterietagung 2019
Aachen, Germany


Meet the Glatt experts at the Poster Party. Dr. Thomas Jähnert, Sales Manager Advanced Powder Processing at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik Weimar, presents APPtec®. Learn more about this new generation of spray pyrolysis for the production of powder materials with defined properties for future battery generations.

Please click here to see the poster.

Increasing demands on the functionality and durability of components and devices lead to new challenges in material development. Benefit from high-performance powders produced with Glatt APPtec® to improve active materials for batteries and solid electrolytes.

All particles are treated identically with regard to temperature and retention time as a basis for homogeneous NMC, LNMO, LLZO or modified graphite.



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