Meet the Glatt Experts @ Dispersion Days 2019 in Selb

APPtec® - a new generation of spray pyrolysis to produce advanced powders

20.05. - 22.05.2019
Dispersion Days 2019 - The World of Painting & Coatings and Ink
Selb, Germany

On-demand solutions in paint development are within reach with APPtec®, a new process for spray calcination in pulsed hot gas flows. Precisely adjustable particle size spectrum, functionalization for improved dispersion, ...

In his lecture "APPtec® - a new generation of spray pyrolysis to generate advanced powder materials" on 21.05.2019 at 15:15 (Slido event code: Ddays009) Dr. Thomas Jähnert, Sales Engineer Advanced Powder Processing, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, explains the potential of this new form of continuous spray calcination in a pulsating hot gas stream for the particle design of paint, coating and lacquer pigments.

In the Glatt ProAPP® pulsation reactor, silica is thermally treated in such a way that the surface of the particles is “hardly loaded” and, at the same time, provides the desired added value – such as haze-free transparency, an impressive coating effect, special resistance or an optimal float-and-flow behaviour. Different process steps such as drying, calcination, particle formation or coating can be combined in the same process step. The desired particle spectrum can be precisely adjusted with a specific distribution of large and small particles. The process is easily scalable from lab to pilot and production.


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