Meet the Glatt Experts @ EuropaCat 2019 booth A13

Meet the Glatt Experts @ EuropaCat 2019 booth A13 and learn more about Glatt powder synthesis

18.08. - 23.08.2019
EuropaCat 2019 - 14th European Congress on Catalysis
Aachen, Germany

As part of the lecture session "Advanced Catalyst Preparation" Dr. Thomas Jähnert, Glatt Process technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, will give a lecture on "APPtec® – a new generation of spray pyrolysis technology to produce advanced catalyic materials".

With APPtec®, primary particles can be provided with an almost freely adjustable chemical and mineralogical composition and previously unattained properties.

This unique thermal treatment opens up many possibilities for the customization of particle properties in an application-specific manner and to produce novel, not currently available additive systems. Test batches for material and reaction analyses or product samples can be generated under industrial conditions and recipes or product ideas — from raw material to a usable amount of powder — can be brought to fruition in a short time, so that pilot projects or the marketability of a product can be assessed quickly.
To cite a joint research project example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) has been working on thin, supported membrane layers for oxygen generators. To put it simply, the new membrane tubes are intended to lead to a considerable increase in O2 permeation while, at the same time, the required number of membranes produced decreases significantly. Ceramic components such as membranes, storage materials and catalysts are to be optimized with regard to their process-relevant properties. This involves geometry, layer thickness, porosity and cell thickness. The aim is to develop smaller and more cost-effective O2 generators with asymmetrical MIEC membranes, which can be used both in medical technology and industrial applications. Given the importance of the particle morphology, the powder raw materials for the membrane are being produced with APPtec®. And, having successfully completed the preliminary tests, IKTS has now ordered a ProAPP® lab-scale reactor to capitalize on the manufacturing opportunities.

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