Meet the Glatt Experts @ European Coatings Show Hall 4 / Booth 135

Customer-Specific Coatings and Core-Shell Particles @ Hall 4 / Booth 135

19.03. - 21.03.2019
Nuremberg, Germany

Are you looking for possibilities to produce powders that meet your specific requirements? Do you want to influence the surface structure and functionality of your particles?

We would be pleased to advise you on our technological possibilities for the production of customer-specific coatings and core-shell particles with targeted surface functionalization.

Using APPtec®, a unique spray calcination technology, it is possible to generate, coat and subsequently calcinate particles at temperatures from 200 °C to > 1000 °C in one single process step, thus producing so-called core shell particles. The technique enables coat thickness, porosity, and activity to be individually defined. By coating carrier materials, such as Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2, with a catalytic ingredient, highly active powder materials for an extremely wide range of catalytic materials are obtained. Additionally, it is also possible to coat silicates, ceramic base materials and others with oxide coatings generated from metal salt solutions and slurries. Due to the extremely homogenous reaction conditions and short retention times by applying APPtec®, the coatings are extremely homogeneous and the coat thickness can be tuned within a wide range, tailored to the specific application.

As a pioneer and specialist in fluid bed technologies, Glatt also offers coating processes on this basis enabling the functionalization of particles in order to specifically adjust their surface structure, optical attractiveness, odor, taste, solubility, hygroscopicity and release or flow behavior. Properties such as chemical, thermal and oxidation stability as well as mechanical strength can also be influenced. Multi-layer coatings ensure staggered functionalities.

Our solution for cost-efficient, functionalized, high-performance particles.

Meet the Glatt Experts @ European Coatings Show. You'll find us in Hall 4 at booth 135.

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