TTC-Workshop "Thermal Particle Synthesis & Treatment"

Particle design in nano and submicron range from theory to practice.

15.05.2018 - 17.05.2018
Technology Center
Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH,
Weimar, Germany

The increasing worldwide demand for improved functionalities and increased service life of components and devices constantly creates new challenges for powder materials and related substance development across the entire value-added chain.
This workshop will explain the basic processing principles for powder synthesis with the new method of spray pyrolysis – the APPtec.
APPtec stands for Advanced Powder Process Technology and allows for controlling product properties of new kinds of powders through specific settings that impact or change the particle structure, particle composition or particle surface properties.
APPtec is especially suited to produce ultra-fine powders in nano or sub-micro range directly from solutions and suspensions and to perform single stage drying and calcination or sintering of moist powders.
Summarising, the novel APPtec-method allows for custom-tailoring of industrial powders for a wide range of applications and with great economic potential, including a clear perspective to also expand into new application fields.
With this newly designed workshop we introduce this highly innovative topic to our attendees, combining high level expertise from industry and academics with practical demonstrations in the lab including Glatt’s own knowledge base.


Workshop topics, day 1:

  • Powder synthesis and powder coating options - a generic overview.
    Systematic overview on processing options for powder synthesis and coating. Explaining the backgrounds in material science.
  • Powder synthesis and thermal powder treatment - APPTec.
    Explaining the basic processing principles for powder synthesis. Powder formation options will be introduced. Innovation approaches like core-shell or synthesis of doped materials will be explained in detail. Additional downstream processing options like dispersion or granulation will be dicussed.
  • Processing of powders - Particle engineering options for value added product forms.
    Particle enlargement principles using fluidized and spouted bed options like agglomeration and spray granulation will be introduced as well as spray coating options to customize particle functionality. Discussing the differences of batch and continuous processing. Outlining the advantages and benefits of each setup in respect to installation, operation and product properties.

Workshop topics, day 2:

  • Introduction to pulsating multiphase flows - Influence of fluid flow and particle properties on particle dynamics and heat transfer.
    Introduction to fluid dynamical simulations of pulsing and stationary gas flows to be used for thermal powder synthesis.
  • Drying of single droplets.
    Heat and mass transfer processes between single liquid droplets and surrounding gases. Fundamentals of single droplet drying.
  • Thermal processing of powders in stationary and pulsing gas flows.
    Intensification of heat & mass transfer processes by using pulsing (turbulent, oscillating) instead of stationary (and partially laminar) gas flows.
  • Characterisation of particle systems - the physical view.
    Physical characterization of particle systems. Analyzing particle size and shape by sieving, laser and optical approach. Determining the physical properties of bulk material such as dynamic vapor sorption (DVS), moisture and density.
  • Characterization of particle systems - the chemical view.
    Chemical and mineralogical characterization of particle systems. Analyzing powder and particle composition as well as crystal structure. The complex evaluation of innovative materials will be discussed.

Practical session at the Technology Center

  • Powder synthesis - APPtec.
    Explaning different configurations of proAPP 500 pilot plant. Demonstration of process principle, start-up and parameter adjustment.
  • Powder enlargement - Fluidized bed systems.
    Fluidized and spouted bed systems for granulation and coating. Explanation of available options in laboratory and pilot scale.

Workshop topics, day 3:

Hands-on demonstration: analytical lab

  • Physical analysis. Particle size and shape analysis. Demonstration of different measurement principles.
  • Chemical, mineralogical analysis. Chemical powder composition and structural Analysis.

Practical session at the Technology Center

  • Powder synthesis - from liquid to powder. Continuous powder synthesis using APPtec.


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