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Individual Solutions for Your Material Innovations

When it comes to particle systems, we can offer you services throughout the entire value chain – all from one supplier. The research and development possibilities afforded by our state-of-the-art, ground-breaking technology center in Weimar, Germany, span the entire process chain to obtain functionalized high-performance materials – from primary particle manufacturing and functionalization, right up to the creation of ready-for-use granulates. We are with you every step of the way – from the initial concept to a product that is ready to launch on the market.

Successful developments are transferred to production-scale versions by our engineers. For your demand-oriented production system, we deliver not only the perfect technology, but also support you with our combined process-related expertise. Would you prefer not to do the manufacturing yourself? You can effectively manufacture your products through contract manufacturing at one of our production sites.


Development Partner for the Next Generation of Your Powder Materials

Do you have a product idea and are looking for a development partner to create a tailored design for your next generation of powder materials? Take advantage of our technology for powder manufacturing and our expertise on-site. Our ground-breaking technology center facilitates pilot-scale technical tests and test production processes for your future products. At this stage, the appropriate process parameters are determined, the process ideally configured, or samples for application trials generated – including on a multi-ton scale if requested. For basic and screening tests, or to determine relationships and influencing parameters, our laboratory offers you a vast array of analytical and experimental options. It is the guarantor of quality assurance and certification.

Both when developing high-performance materials and designing, optimizing, and controlling production processes, knowledge of substance data is the indispensable tool for gaining a deeper understanding of material properties. With our interdisciplinary team of process engineers, material scientists, and analysts, we are well placed to evaluate determined analysis data against scientific and technological principles, and to assist you with the development of your next generation of powder materials by putting our combined expertise at your disposal. Our portfolio to give you the edge on the market.

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Contract Manufacturer and Reliable Supplier of Raw Materials for Your Future Products

The speed at which products can be brought to market often holds sway over their success. Creating in-house production processes takes up valuable time in an international competitive environment. We provide you with flexible capacity and resources for the contract manufacturing of your powders and bulk materials, such as granulates and pellets. Our systems are designed to allow successful developments in our technology center to be transferred to production-scale versions with a quick and reliable scale-up process. This means that you are able to instantly supply to your customers and secure your share of the market in next to no time.

Our manufacturing processes are in accordance with the highest quality standards and are fully transparent thanks to our quality management system. We are happy for you to certify and audit our services.
For this very purpose, a whole host of analytical options are provided in our laboratory in order to continually monitor product quality and the production process.

Based on your requirements, we also offer you the option to utilize our capacity as a temporary production site until we have implemented your in-house production facilities.

Our portfolio for the secure manufacture and reliable availability of your future products.

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Construction and Delivery of Your APPtec® ProAPP Powder Reactor

ProAPP – Synthesis Reactor for Tailored Particle Design with APPtec®

Do you want to implement APPtec® – our ground-breaking spray calcination technique for powder manufacturing – directly into your production? Look no further than our innovative pulsation reactor from the ProAPP range. This opens up a whole range of process options, such as thermal treatment, coating, activation, and drying in a single system – and if you wish, you can even combine several processes into one cost-effective process step.

The reactor system's high level of flexibility allows you to adapt the particle properties to meet your requirements in exactly the way you want:

Almost complete freedom in your chosen chemical composition:
A range of possibilities for doped (or undoped) or highly complex oxides

Precisely defined particle size and surface
From nano to micro with extremely narrow particle size distribution and fully adjustable surface properties

Precise control of the phase composition via the process parameters
Anything is possible, right up to high-temperature phases

Customer-specific coating and core-shell particles
Individually defined coat thickness, porosity, and activity


The ProAPP synthesis reactor is available in various system sizes, so you can develop and manufacture according to your needs – from small batches to industrial multi-ton production.
We would be delighted to design and implement the APPtec® powder synthesis system for your individual requirements.

ProAPP – Parameters at a Glance

  • Pulsating hot gas flow: up to 300 Hz
  • Homogeneous process temperature: 200 °C to 900 °C
  • Flexible, homogeneous retention time: 100 ms to 10 s
  • Configurable gas atmosphere, oxidizing or oxygen-free
  • Raw material: solutions, suspensions, solids

Systems for Further Process Technologies Through to the Building of an Entire Factory

Do you require further systems for your process chain? We are with you every step of the way – from the initial idea through to the turn-key production system! We design, deliver, and build your systems including for downstream fluidized bed or spouted bed processing and if you wish, will even build you a new factory. Based on a reliable scale-up process, we devise and deliver tailored production systems to meet your individual technological requirements. At the same time, we have many years of experience in the planing, design and construction of industrial facilities. We are here to support you in implementing your investment project with our comprehensive advice and reliable product management. Worldwide! Benefit from solutions from one source – customized to your requirements!